The beginning of the year held in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012), HTC customers worldwide launch of the brand new HTC One series. HTC president Ren Weiguang in the conference site through micro-Bo released a message: "the HTC One series APPLE a1175 Battery will be held in April sales in the world, China will also be synchronized with the global sale of this series of products". HTC to Chinese consumers to honor their commitments, the HTC One series and the simultaneous global synchronization landing on March 31 launched the HTC One X, a limited pre-sale activities.

To celebrate the HTC One series of global synchronized starting March 31, consumers can log on HTC official online store first to buy the HTC One, X-phone, the successful purchaser of the first 300 users can get free Beats Solo Deluxe original headphones suit. In the same APPLE a1185 Battery period, nearly a thousand HTC sales area and counters will accept reservations, as the world's hot-selling product of APPLE a1189 Battery, the HTC display counters store initially allocated to the 10 pre-sale places, the real first-come-first-served basis!

Now until April 17th pre-order during the event, whether it is through the network, or through the store to participate in pre-order the user will have the opportunity to receive the original HTC car charger; HTC will be the end of the pre-order activities from all those involved in pre-order consumers in out of the 500 lucky users first to get the first launch of the stunning accessories HTC Media Link HD. Media Link HD allows the HTC One X simultaneously displayed to the high-definition equipment, whether it is to watch video, play games or do PPT presentations can easily deal with the perfect the Hearty wireless multimedia experience which opened.

The HTC One X uses a polycarbonate one piece seamless body design and sturdy, not only beautiful but also very light texture. As a result of a quad-core processor, the HTC One computational speed and graphics processing capabilities significantly improved. The HTC One also has an amazing 4.7-inch high-definition screen in 720p HD, and Corning,? Gorilla Glass, tempered glass to provide the best protection. In addition to top-level configuration of the hardware, HTC One X also has the new HTC Sense experience, shooting and Wyatt sound functional experience for mobile phone charm Korea.

Changed the demand for mobile phone camera in the HTC One X Charm Korea shooting, unique to the HTC the Image Sense image processing chip provides users with 0.7 seconds to open camera and complete shooting functions to optimize the experience 0.2 seconds of AF,One, the HTC X-has industry-leading HDR (high dynamic range lighting) camera mode, even in backlit environment, can also shoot high-definition video, users can capture the wonderful moment in life. The HTC One X for the first time a parallel operation of taking pictures with the camera function, users can always capture high quality photos in the process of shooting video. Not only that, the HTC One, X also supports high-speed camera function, and slow playback of the video, users will not miss the screen in every detail.

Enjoy the peak of the Wyatt dynamic sound

Beyond the camera, HTC also provides users with the delightful sound very shocked by the depth of cooperation with the Beats, HTC One X to achieve seamless integration with the Beats sound, even as ringtones so common details have been Beats special adjustment. HTC's strategic partner, the Beats can provide users with more love the true voice of feeling and restore the HTC One X-tie Beats SOLO headset, will have a double shock, whether it is to enjoy movies, listening to music, play games or watch online video can feel the hearing on the new shock.

For the pursuit of quality of life, the HTC One, X 2012 regarded as the most anticipated one of the products, the results of the HTC technological innovation, and also incorporates HTC's latest product design philosophy. Details of the pre-order activities, please pay attention to the HTC Chinese official microblogging @ HTC_China, and @ HTC_Life,.

According to media reports, Eveline ? Pasi Wo (Evelyn Paswall), a 83-year-old woman in the United States after a local Apple store once mistakenly hit the glass door of the shop (buy a Nikon EN-EL12 charger), leading to his nose. To this end, the old lady paper petition Apple to court, seeks compensation for medical expenses of $ 75,000, and $ 1 million punitive negligence damages.

Pasi Wo description of her in retail stores through Long Island, New York Mahathir Seth (Manhassett), due to the glass wall is too transparent, clear, cause she did not realize she was in front of a glass wall and head hit up.

In order to prevent similar incidents, the apple all the local wall of transparent glass paste a white label. The, Pasi Wo lawyer does not think so. Any labeling practices in the glass wall can prevent similar incidents from occurring. This is TOSHIBA pa3535u-1bas battery especially true for an over 80 year-old woman, her vision is not able to see the glass. "

A friend want to buy a new camera, and this is the first time to buy a camera, so his ask me that, he should buy a manual camera or a automatic camera Sony NP-FS10 Battery Chargers. Do you have ever be confused by questions as this?

Manual camera and automatic camera is good or bad is determined by the user. If you just want to quickly record the life or lightly pat the automatic function will be able to meet the needs of TOSHIBA pa3535u-1bas, full manual but cumbersome. If you want to learn photography, or want to shoot some creative out the manual functions will help you find one.

If you like the manual, like the Nikon S8200 camera is very good a full manual design can set the various modes of shooting, you can also set the shutter speed, aperture, etc.. Like tourism family choose this camera is a good decision. Moreover, the camera pictures are very clear. In a dark place, if not open the flash, the camera is very clear, like I said hair virtual. Moreover, the Canon NB-4L Charger camera or optical 14 times the corner, 25-350 long focal length. This focal length is good, total enough for home use to send people to shoot scenes have been enough.

Nikon S8200 shell is made of a metal material, has a good feel in the hand. The plane of the front handle portion has a protruding bars, drop when handheld photographed protruding bars can play a non-slip to prevent camera unintentionally. The machine dimensions are 103.7 × 59.3 × 32.7mm measurements, plus the weight of the battery and SD card for 213g, so the size of it as a telephoto camera can still be acceptable. Nikon S8200 equipped with built-in flash, when we open the flash function, the camera flash automatically rises, very convenient. Although the small built-in flash, but in the dark objects shot the photo.

The camera is listed in August 2011, a card telephoto wide-angle camera, this camera uses 10 11-Nikkor lens, the actual focal length is 4.5-63mm AF-detection. The wide-angle to 500mm-infinity, telephoto can reach 1m-infinity distance, Macro 10mm-infinity distance can be achieved. The maximum aperture of F3.3-F5.9, these parameters are still very good. This camera a total of two colors, one black, one is silver. I do not like black camera on the purchase of silver! Silver looks very beautiful.

Fuji last year published the first X-series high-end models - X100, retro shape of the camera on the market next to the axis of a single electronic camera response CANON NB-2LH has become increasingly strong, a good market response also makes the Fuji firm will carry forward the X series camerasdetermination.X Series as Fuji's first interchangeable lens camera, the X-Pro1 people full of CANON BP-511 hope, an unusual sensor with three high-quality lens will give us some surprise?

Say upgrade, in addition to the lens can be replaced, the most CANON NB-4L important change of the camera photoreceptors. Fuji X-Pro1 uses a unique 16 million-pixel X-Trans CMOS sensor. Absorb the essence of Fujitsu's years of film technology for this sensor, the pixel arrangement and other sensors are completely different, do not need low-pass filter can also be the perfect solution to the moiré, pseudo-color. In addition, there is no low-pass filter, which means the X-Pro1 in the sharpness of inherent advantages.

In addition, do have a lot of other experienced users of the lens (Leica users) Fuji X-Pro1 is a more attractive place - 17.7mm ultra-short flange distance. This represents a different adapter ring, you can turn the hand lens received to continue using Fuji X-Pro1, which no doubt greatly increased the veteran film player, the player's desire to buy the old lens. Quit the rambling, let's look at the Fuji X-Pro1 retro rangefinder design.

Needed a good saddle for a good horse to go with Fuji X Series first interchangeable lens camera, high-quality lens is essential. Released at the same time with Fuji X-Pro1 three fixed focus lens, they are XF18mmF2 R, XF35mmF1.4 R, and XF60mmF2.4 R the Macro, and the official also promised to continue to introduce more zoom and biscuits lens Fuji deep optical heritage, we are entirely without the lens quality and scalability to worry about.

Fuji X-Pro1 still go to a noble line. Open the packaging of Fuji X-Pro1, the first thing you see is black retro next to the axis of the fuselage. Fuji X-Pro1 whole body is black, body cover and base is aluminum alloy casting, rugged; and even around the body is also a circle black leather texture skin wrapped, feel comfortable, full of aristocratic. Undisguised Fuji X-Pro1's work reached the top level of the Japanese manufacturing.

From the front of the camera, Fuji X-Pro1 continuation of the design of the Fuji X100 before, retro flavor rangefinder viewfinder, built-in flash, focus mode selection, and the upper-left corner of the viewfinder mode toggle lever. Fuji X-Pro1 a handle on the side of the camera, and handle enhance the camera hand-held comfort.

The back of the machine is a vision was 100% of 3-inch 1.44 million pixel LCD screen, display delicate, color reproduction and high. In the top left of the screen is the camera's viewfinder, the viewfinder is the opto-electronic hybrid viewfinder, users can at any time by the camera front face of the switch lever to switch between optical and electronic viewfinder. It is worth mentioning is that the aircraft's electronic viewfinder also provides us with 1.44 million pixel display, WYSIWYG.

15 inches into a super pole this? Actually, this Acer has given a definite answer. That is, in a few months before the 2012 Las Vegas CES Electronics SONY NP-F730 battery Show, the Acer booth has been for everyone presents a 15-inch ultra-pole of this - the Timeline the Ultra M3.The thin and light notebooks are in the traditional sense refers to the product less than 13 inches, 15 inches seem less easy to accept, many people would think that since the purchase of ultra-pole of this Compaq Presario v2000 battery ran small and lightweight from 15 inches eitherweight portable certainly up to less than satisfactory level.

From the ultra-pole of this product before the release of the Acer 13 inch S3, S5 and the upcoming listing of this year, more suitable for domestic users, while 15-inch Timeline Ultra M3 looks more in line with the taste of the high horse, European and American users,and 15-inch model was originally the most popular mainstream size of European and American markets at the same time, the screen display can also bring their favorite audio and video entertainment experience more GP340 two way radio battery fun.

If you intend to purchase a large screen notebook, spacious viewing area and a comfortable audio and video game performance, there are certain requirements, then this the Acer M3 may be very suitable for you, we look at the previous evaluationLast year, the world's thinnest 15-inch this is the Dell XPS 15z, but when we put the two books of the thickness, weight, together contrast, saw the Acer M3 win over rivals, snatched the 15-inch thin groupthe king's crown can be described as deserved.

Timeline Ultra M3 skin tones for the whole black, the body adopts aluminum alloy, the roof surface after fine grinding, is not easy to live fingerprint traces, usually just the right to prevent the fall of the situation. Before an ordinary 15-inch notebook product comparison, we can say that the slimming effect of the Timeline Ultra M3 is fairly obvious, just from the screen thickness this can be seen. Only after the actual measurement of the screen thickness 5 mm, when the thin screen is the first move, I have some worry about the overall load-bearing capacity, though, the toughness of the metal material given enough screen support.

Timeline the Ultra M3 roof in addition to the the acer iconic LOGO, there are no other modifiers, body straight waist, and the edges more distinct design style, from simple and capable of modeling is not difficult to see, the machine is more suitable for those who seekprudent business crowd. The machine uses a 15.6-inch glossy display, the best resolution of 1366 × 768, although not everyone looking forward to the high score screen, but the actual effect is still quite excellent, especially on the side of the viewing angle range big.

If you personally weigh the Aspire hummingbird S3 body, then, then the Timeline Ultra M3 grip in the hands will certainly be an inappropriate feeling, but when picked up ordinary 15-inch notebook, I believe you will be more willing to hand the M3, because itenough light. After the actual measurement of the electronic scales, the whole with a battery weight of 2.025kg, this result is equivalent to the weight of a normal 13.3-inch notebook, portability when so that is very worthy of recognition.

According to the current location of the design ideas in the notebook power button, first start this the Timeline the Ultra M3, I believe there must be a friend and I will not find the power button location embarrassment. After some searching, the search found that the machine power button is placed in the position of the edge of the left front side of the fuselage and the power button surface use a silver metallic chrome, set next to the power indicator and charging indicator.

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