Replacement for CANON Es-870 Battery

CANON Es-870 Battery

( Hi-Quality & High Capacity 6.00V 2200mAh CANON Es-870 Camcorder Batteries)

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4 in 1 USB 2.0 memory card reader

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CANON Es-870 Battery Replacement Battery Code: ( Press " Ctrl+F " to Find )

Aztec AZ6010, CANON BP-711, CANON BP-714, CANON BP-726, CANON BP-729, CANON BP-818, CANON BP-E718, CANON BP-E722, CANON BP-E722D, CANON BP-E729, Canon BP-E77, Canon BP-E77(K), Canon BP-E77K, Canon BP-E77KE, CANON BP-E818, Canon VCN018, Empire BNH-118-2.1, Empire BNH-118-3, Empire EPP-132, Energizer CM-1060, Hama 46376, Hama 46377, Hama CP-376, Hama CP-377, Helios HS-C1060, JBRO TP-E722, JBRO TP-E77, JC Penney 932-0318, JC Penney 932-2819, JC Penney 934-0340, Maxell M6010, Maxell M6055, Rayovac RV6077, Saft RC6010, Sunpak RB-E77MF, Sunpak SV-8, Sunpak SV-9, Varta V219, Vivanco BP-2460, Zenith VAC-902, Zenith VAC-903,

CANON Es-870 Battery Fit Camcorder Batteries Models: ( Press " Ctrl+F " to Find )

CANON A-10 , CANON A-2 , CANON E-06 , CANON E-07 , CANON E-08 , CANON E-09 , CANON E-100 , CANON E-110 , CANON E-20 , CANON E-200 , CANON E-210 , CANON E-230 , CANON E-250 , CANON E-30 , CANON E-300 , CANON E-333 , CANON E-333D , CANON E-350 , CANON E-40 , CANON E-400 , CANON E-440 , CANON E-460 , CANON E-50 , CANON E-500 , CANON E-51 , CANON E-520 , CANON E-53 , CANON E-550 , CANON E-57 , CANON E-60 , CANON E-600 , CANON E-61 , CANON E-620 , CANON E-63 , CANON E-640 , CANON E-65 , CANON E-65A , CANON E-66 , CANON E-660 , CANON E-67 , CANON E-680 , CANON E-70 , CANON E-700 , CANON E-718 , CANON E-77 , CANON E-80 , CANON E-800 , CANON E-800HI , CANON E-808 , CANON E-850 , CANON E-850HI , CANON E-90 , CANON EQ-305 , CANON ES-100 , CANON ES-1000 , CANON ES-10V , CANON ES-170 , CANON ES-180 , CANON ES-190 , CANON ES-200 , CANON ES-2000 , CANON ES-20V , CANON ES-2500 , CANON ES-270 , CANON ES-280 , CANON ES-290 , CANON ES-290A , CANON ES-300 , CANON ES-3000 , CANON ES-400V , CANON ES-500 , CANON ES-520 , CANON ES-550 , CANON ES-600 , CANON ES-70 , CANON ES-7000 , CANON ES-750 , CANON ES-80 , CANON ES-800 , CANON ES-870 , CANON ES-90 , CANON ES-900 , CANON ES-970 , CANON EX-1 , CANON EX2HI , CANON H-440 , CANON H-460 , CANON H-480 , CANON H-600 , CANON H-640 , CANON H-660 , CANON H-680 , CANON H-800 , CANON H-850 , CANON H-850UC-1 , CANON H520 , CANON J10 , CANON J100 , CANON J20 , CANON L1 , CANON L10 , CANON L1A , CANON L2 , CANON LX-1T , CANON LX1 , CANON LX100 , CANON UC-1 , CANON UC-10 , CANON UC-15 , CANON UC-16 , CANON UC-2 , CANON UC-20 , CANON UC-2HI , CANON UC-30 , CANON UC-30HI , CANON UC-3HI , CANON UC-40HI , CANON UC-55 , CANON UC-5HI , CANON UC-8000 , CANON UC-L100W , CANON UC-V1Hi , CANON UC-X65Hi , CANON UC15C , CANON UC1Hi , CANON UC1MarkII , CANON UCS-1 , CANON UCS-2 , CANON UCS-20 , CANON UCS-3 , CANON UCS-5 , CANON VM-E70 , CANON VM-E70A , CANON VM-E77 , CANON VM-E800H , CANON VME-70A , CANON VT-LC50 , DURACELL DR12 ,

CANON Es-870 Camcorder Batteries usage tips:

  1. Please check your original CANON Es-870 Battery part number & model number with our postings picture before the purchase to make sure you get the correct battery for CANON Es-870. Replacement Battery CANON Es-870 are brand new with new case and new cells, we have 1 year replacement warranty on these CANON Es-870 Camcorder Batteries.
  2. New CANON Replacement battery ES-870 usually comes in a discharged condition and with a very low capacity. It is generally recommended to fully charge new battery packs before use. The CANON Es-870 battery pack needs to be circulated (fully discharged and recharged) 3 - 5 times to reach its optimum performance.
  3. Rechargeable battery for CANON Es-870 will undergo self-discharging when left unused. It should always be stored in a fully charged status and kept in a cool, dry and clean place. To maintain the optimum performance of CANON Es-870 battery pack, it is highly recommended to fully discharge and recharge it at least once a month.
  4. It is normal if a battery gets warm when being charged or used. However, please pay high attention when the battery pack becomes excessively hot. This may indicate a problem with the charging circuit of your electronic device. It is necessary to have it checked by qualified technicians when this occurs.
  5. Sometimes,CANON Es-870 Camcorder Batteries is hard to be charged. Your electronic device may indicate a fully charged condition for about 10 to 15 minutes when a new battery pack is being charged for the first time. When this happens, remove the battery pack and let it cool down for awhile. Repeat the charging procedure again. When a new CANON Es-870 battery is unable to charge, it is suggested to remove the battery from the device and reinsert it for several times to wake up dormant cells. Occasionally, BIOS updating is required to make the battery work normally on your device.

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