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Listed by Battery Part No.

BP-511 LP-E10 LP-E5 LP-E6 LP-E8 NB-1LH NB-2L NB-3L NB-4L NB-5H NB-5L NB-6L NB-7L NB-8L NB-9L

Listed by Product Model No.

450D Rebel Xsi Canon EOS Digital N Canon EOS Kiss Digital N Digital 40 Digital 50 Digital 50/40 Digital IXUS 200 IS DIGITAL IXUS 200A DIGITAL IXUS 30 DIGITAL IXUS 300 DIGITAL IXUS 300A DIGITAL IXUS 320 DIGITAL IXUS 330 DIGITAL IXUS 40 DIGITAL IXUS 400 DIGITAL IXUS 430 DIGITAL IXUS 50 DIGITAL IXUS 500 Digital IXUS 55 Digital IXUS 55 (EU) Digital IXUS 60 Digital IXUS 65 Digital IXUS 70 Digital IXUS 75 DIGITAL IXUS 80 IS Digital IXUS 800IS Digital IXUS 850 IS Digital IXUS 90 IS Digital IXUS 900 Ti Digital IXUS 95 IS DIGITAL IXUS I Digital IXUS i zoom Digital IXUS i zoom (EU) DIGITAL IXUS I5 Digital IXUS i7 zoom DIGITAL IXUS II DIGITAL IXUS V DIGITAL IXUS V2 DIGITAL IXUS V3 DIGITAL IXUS VII Digital IXUS WIRELESS Digital IXUS WIRELESS (UK) DIGITAL IXY DIGITAL L Digital Rebel Xsi DM-MV100Xi DM-MV30i Elura 60 Elura 70 ELURA 80 ELURA 85 ELURA 90 EOS 10D EOS 1100D EOS 20D EOS 350D EOS 450D EOS 550D EOS 5D EOS 5D Mark II DSLR EOS 7D DSLR EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT EOS KISS EOS KISS DIGITAL EOS Kiss X4 EOS Kiss X50 EOS Rebel T2i EOS Rebel T3 EOS-10D EOS-20D EOS-300D EOS-D30 EOS-D300 EOS-D60 EOS-DIGITAL REBEL FV10 FV30 FV40 FV50 FVM100 FVM100KIT FVM20 Ixus 1000 Ixus 1000 HS Ixus 1000 Series Ixus 1000HS IXUS 110 IS IXUS 55 IXUS 700 IXUS 750 Ixus 800 IXUS 85 is IXUS 980 IS IXUS I ZOOM IXY 110 IS IXY 50S IXY 50S Series IXY D30 IXY Digital 10 IXY DIGITAL 1000 IXY DIGITAL 200 IXY DIGITAL 200A IXY DIGITAL 25 IS IXY DIGITAL 30 IXY DIGITAL 300 IXY DIGITAL 300A IXY Digital 30a IXY DIGITAL 320 IXY Digital 40 IXY DIGITAL 400 IXY DIGITAL 430 IXY Digital 50 IXY DIGITAL 500 IXY Digital 55 IXY Digital 60 IXY Digital 60 (JP) IXY Digital 600 IXY Digital 70 IXY Digital 700 IXY Digital 80 IXY Digital 800 IS IXY Digital 90 IXY DIGITAL 900 IS IXY Digital L IXY Digital L2 IXY Digital L3 Series IXY Digital L4 IXY DIGITAL S200 IXY DIGITAL S230 IXY DIGITAL S330 IXY DIGITAL WIRELESS IXY Digital WIRELESS (JP) MV-30 MV-430IMC MV-830I MV-850I MV-X3i MV450i MV630i MV700 MV800 MV830 MV830I MV850I MV880X MVX200 MVX200i MVX20i MVX25I MVX30I MVX35I MVX40 MVX45I Optura 30 Optura 40 Optura 400 OPTURA 50 Optura 500 Optura 50MC OPTURA 60 Optura Pi Optura Xi PC1018 POWERSHOT A300 PowerShot A3000 IS PowerShot A3100 IS POWERSHOT A5 POWERSHOT A5 ZOOM POWERSHOT A50 POWERSHOT A60 PowerShot A610 PowerShot A620 POWERSHOT A70 powershot A700 POWERSHOT A75 PowerShot A80 PowerShot A85 PowerShot A95 PowerShot D10 PowerShot D350 POWERSHOT G1 PowerShot G10 POWERSHOT G2 POWERSHOT G3 PowerShot G4 POWERSHOT G5 POWERSHOT G6 POWERSHOT PRO 1 POWERSHOT PRO 90 IS POWERSHOT S10 POWERSHOT S100 POWERSHOT S100 DIGITAL ELPHS POWERSHOT S110 POWERSHOT S20 POWERSHOT S200 POWERSHOT S200 DIGITAL ELPH POWERSHOT S230 POWERSHOT S230 DIGITAL ELPH POWERSHOT S30 POWERSHOT S300 POWERSHOT S330 POWERSHOT S40 POWERSHOT S400 POWERSHOT S400 DIGITAL ELPH POWERSHOT S410 POWERSHOT S410 DIGITAL ELPH POWERSHOT S45 POWERSHOT S50 POWERSHOT S500 POWERSHOT S500 DIGITAL ELPH POWERSHOT S60 POWERSHOT S70 PowerShot S90 Powershot SD 4500 IS Powershot SD 4500IS POWERSHOT SD10 DIGITAL ELPH POWERSHOT SD100 POWERSHOT SD100 DIGITAL ELPH PowerShot SD1000 POWERSHOT SD110 PowerShot SD1100 IS PowerShot SD1200 IS POWERSHOT SD20 POWERSHOT SD200 POWERSHOT SD30 PowerShot SD30 (US) POWERSHOT SD300 PowerShot SD40 POWERSHOT SD400 PowerShot SD430 WIRELESS PowerShot SD430 WIRELESS (US) POWERSHOT SD450 PowerShot SD450 (US) Powershot SD4500 IS Powershot SD4500 Series Powershot SD4500IS POWERSHOT SD500 POWERSHOT SD550 PowerShot SD600 PowerShot SD630 Powershot SD700 PowerShot SD700 IS PowerShot SD750 PowerShot SD770 IS PowerShot SD790 IS PowerShot SD800 IS PowerShot SD850 IS PowerShot SD870 IS PowerShot SD900 PowerShot SD950 IS PowerShot SD980 IS PowerShot TX1 PV130 ZR-30 ZR-45MC ZR100 ZR200 ZR300 ZR400 ZR500 ZR600 ZR700